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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

GameStop Purchase - Crackdown


Just picked it up, never really played this before other than an hour or so at a friends house back when the game was pretty new......  Going through GameStop I saw that it was like $6, so I figured, "Fuck yes, why not?"

So anyways, It is 7am and I have class at 1pm, problem is... I've been up all night playing this, fuckin awesome!  I really like it so far, I'll have to give more insight when I'm done with the game.

Until then.....


Friday, August 26, 2011

*Post-Play* Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


So with The Force Unleashed completed, I'd have to say that I was sorely disappointed with the game. Now back when this game came out, I got two copies for free because I worked some media events with LucasFilm but I was only given the version for the Wii and the Playstation 2. The PS2 game went to Wal-Mart, and the Wii game was the one I kept, and I had a lot of fun with it. It wasn't a great game, but it was at least playable and enjoyable, and probably one of the better 3rd party games for the Wii that you're going to find. A little over a week ago, I was walking through my local GameStop and saw the XBOX 360 version of this game laying in their used selection for only $10, I decided that I'd pick it up and give it a go since I had never played it outside of 5 minutes at a friend's house. When I finally put the game in, I was a bit disappointed with it overall....

The first thing that got to me was the loading times, holy shit it took forever to get anything going. Even from going to your Options it took at least 5 seconds to load and get back to the main page, and I don't even know why... the main page shouldn't have to load what so ever when entering it from a subfolder. In game loading is also a disaster when going from mission to mission, it takes much longer than you'd prefer; while running from area to area, you actually get to see the buildings and terrain growing around you, awful.

Now the controls.... whooooo doggy, fuck them. The controls are so clunky, that you will kill yourself by slipping off ledges and cliffs more than any enemy would. Often I am attacking a stormtrooper or something and my combo of repeatedly pressing the X-Button makes me take steps forward which launches him off of a ledge, which means you start the fuck over. The controls are also quite unresponsive, in the middle of a battle you'll be trying to target onto someone but can't, and if you target onto something you'll often grab onto some rock or boulder. Pressing your Force Attack buttons like lightning often won't work unless your character is in zero motion, same with the enemy you're attacking.

The combos are also an awful part of the control scheme, there are about 20 different combos that you have to memorize, but they're not easy.... often it's like "x,x,x,b" but then you get to some complicated ones like "x,x,x,x,LB(a+y)" is that. I honestly don't have the patience to figure some of these combos out, so I just unlock them for the shit of it because I have the points, so whatever; never used 'em.

The level designs are also a flaw, with a jumping/platforming game like this, you'd think there would be a shit-ton of things to land on...right? Well no... instead you just slip off something if the game doesn't want you to land on it. The level designs are way too linear, really doesn't give you much room to explore; other than to go find Jedi Holocrons to give you more force points or lightsaber crystals. Often times stormtroopers will get stuck in the layout, you'll think you cleaned an area but you will still hear "ptew...ptew....." but can't find the motherfucker, so you can't just leave him there.


What was pretty cool was the fact that you could customize your character based upon lightsaber colour and outfit. When it came to the lightsaber colour, you could get "compressed, regular, or unstable" in any certain colour. Difference? Fuck if I know, I didn't see anything different about them, and I really don't care to google it. The outfits were pretty neat, about 14 or so in the game, but what sucked about them was that you couldn't change it during a level or else you'd go back to your last save point.

The alternate endings were pretty neat, the only choice you had at the end was to either attack the Emporer or attack Vader, one way is good the other is bad if that makes any sense.

Monday, August 22, 2011

GTA 4 - The Ballad of Gay Tony

With The Ballad of Gay Tony completed, I have now completed the entire GTA 4 series.  With Gay Tony, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect based on the title, and I didn't do any research into the game before I played it.  When I started, I felt like the game took one step back and two steps forward.

I enjoyed the fact that this game expanded the city and interactions with the other characters, my favourite new part of the game were the inclusion of many new weapons to purchase.  I loved all of the new guns, in fact I didn't use any guns from the vanilla GTA or from any of the gun vendors; I loved the sticky bombs, they were much easier to use and much more dependable than those stupid pipe bombs, same with grenades.

I didn't enjoy some aspects which I loved a lot in The Lost and the Damned however, I only did one gang war and it wasn't even that fun, so I never did any of the others.  The Base Jumping was too hard to land as perfect as the game was expecting, so I gave up on those near immediately.  The other part about the game I disliked was that I couldn't get two achievements because I was expected to get my "Completed Percentage" up to 80% for each mission, then 100%.  Now it's not easy to get yourself past 30% with some of those, you' can be getting attacked by 50 dudes and they want 20 headshots, 70% accuracy, 10% damage to your car, and only taking 15% damage yourself; do they think we're Rambo here?

Most of the missions were also extremely predictable, when starting a mission you can automatically assume that you have to fly a helicopter at some point, and when in the helicopter you know that you are assumed to either chase someone, land it (lol fuckin impossible), or jump out of it with a parachute... good times.   The missions didn't even seem that unique, to me it just seemed like we were tying loose ends with the main GTA 4 story.

The game is still recommended, but I would suggest playing this one before you play The Lost and the Damned.  To me, that game was more enjoyable and it really made you love all of the characters you interacted with.  About the only new character I liked in The Ballad of Gay Tony was Yusef, the Saudi Arabian rich dude, he was funny as shit and always made the dialogue awesome when he was in a scene.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

GTA 4 - The Lost and the Damned

I just finished the first DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and the Damned, and wow.... what a great game.  For years, we've had to deal with the same old GTA with the same shit different game, but this DLC here took a style of gang and really did a great job with it.  Biker gangs have always been pretty badass, and I loved the idea of being able to play as one in a Grand Theft Auto.

The gameplay, as you'd guess it the exact same as the original GTA4, but the subtle changes are what I really liked the best.  Such as if you lost your bike, you'd just call up one of your buddies and they'd bring you a new one, seems a lot more realistic than just grabbing the nearest car you see and speeding off.  Also if you didn't have enough ammo for a certain gun, just call up another buddy and your gang supplies them for you!  It seemed like it really revolved around the biker's brotherhood which I liked a lot, in traditional GTA games you just don't seem to have a connection to other NPCs, but this one did a great job with it.

Now time to play The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Nostalgia - Toonami

Is it me, or am I the only one who really misses Toonami?

I'm 23 years old, and growing up through middle school left me in the right era to watch some really good cartoons, including some Japanese animated ones that were imported and dubbed to English to be put onto Toonami.

It first started with my friends back in school, who absolutely loved Dragonball Z, I watched the shit out of that show, I didn't quite like it that much but that cartoon sure could blow my mind.  Think about it, we were growing up with Rocko's Modern Life, Hey Arnold, then HOLYFUCKINSHIT...DBZ came along.  Now I watched this show for a long time, but then Dragonball came out and I really loved that little show.  It was less epic than DBZ, but the original is something really special.

Gundam Wing.... holy shiiiiiit, I loved that show, and I still love it.  I don't even want to know how much I've spent on Gundam model kits over the past few years, and I am currently trying to assemble and airbrush some brand new ones.  This show is still one of my favourites, and it's really something that I need to purchase on DVD so that I can experience it once again.  There are very few things in this world that are beautiful... but giant robots fighting is one of them.

What a gay show, but I loved it.  I know you guys did too, so don't even try to lie.

TOM?  Fuck yes.  Who could forget TOM?  Remember those epic shorts that occurred between shows about the ship getting invaded?  I remember hanging out with my friends at hope watching these and getting so excited over these.  To us, TOM wasn't only a host, he was something we actually cared about, he is what turned Toonami into an event instead of just a TV Show block.

So who else misses this epic TV block?  It's hard to believe that it is gone and even hard to believe that it was around for 11 years.

My Review of Terramar Adult Silk/Spandex Glove Liner

Originally submitted at Essential Apparel

The Adult Silk/Spandex Glove Liner, from performance apparel Terramar, is everything that a glove liner should be. It combines technology with comfort to ensure the best feel of any glove liner you have ever tried. In addition to having the new EC2 Qwik-Dri thermoregulation comfort tec...

Nice gloves, buy these all of the time.

By Andy from Las Vegas, NV on 8/20/2011


4out of 5

Sizing: Feels true to size

Pros: Dries Quickly, Good Grip

Cons: Not Waterproof, Wears Easily

Best Uses: Casual Wear

Describe Yourself: Professional

Was this a gift?: No

I love these gloves because they're lightweight, it's like you're not wearing a thing. They wear out extremely easily though, they only last about a month with constant use. I buy several pair at a time.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Blade Runner 2?

So several weeks ago I heard a rumor about "Blade Runner 2," I first took it as just a crappy internet thing such as that on the level of Ghostbusters 3.

So this evening I'm on Facebook and my good buddy on the Replica Prop Forum posted about it so I had to do some research on it.  Turns out...... the rumour unfortunately is true, why I say this is unfortunate is because sometimes things just need to be left alone.

Why else will I most likely dislike this film...... is that I have an affinity for the ORIGINAL CUT.  If you read my previous blog about Blade Runner, you'll learn about the differences between all 4 cuts (yes, fuckin' four of 'em), seems like Ridley Scott just couldn't come up with a real version for the film, so he decided to make one for everyone under the sun.  Now since the "Final Cut" is well, most likely "final," we will probably have to watch a sequel which is based off of the ending in the Final Cut, which according to me is a non-canonical ending to the film.  It will break my heart to have to see a sequel to a film that I love so much, only to have the director go off on his own tangent again, and I can only wonder if I should just wait for the 8th cut of the DVD to come out before I even see it.

Regardless, the movie is set to come out for 2014, maybe my opinion will have changed by then?  Not sure.  Only question I have.......



So do you guys think that Blade Runner 2 is a necessary movie to be made?

1984 Movie Review

Ninteen-Eighty Four

Just got done watching the film adaptation of George Orwell's novel 1984.  For not having read the novel since high school, watching the movie was very refreshing, back in high school I loved the book and I always regretted not buying the copy for myself.  The film is and novel are huge mindfucks and force you to question what is and what isn't reality.  I thought the film was done extremely well, although it seems a little outdated and might be a little too slow for modern audiences.  I think my favourite part of the film was the soundtrack, I'm not sure what about it was so attractive to me, but I couldn't take my attention away from the film the entire time.

I'd highly recommend reading the novel if you can, once you do that you can go ahead and watch the film.  Since the novel is yet to be Public Domain (9 more years for the UK, 33 for USA), you can pick up the Novel on

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2011 Stars and Stripes Collection - Part 2

So looks like someone at New Era or MLB read my post and decided to trash their crappy looking Stars and Stripes hats for something a little more traditional.  For Sept 11th, all teams in the Majors will wear their regular hats except they will have an American Flag patch on the side.  Now how can one complain about this?  Well just look at this crap, the flags look awful!

You could think that they could put a little more effort into those.... the embroidery is so bad, that the stripes bleed into each other, and take a look at those stars, that's just a fuckin cross hatch.  The boarder around the flag is another kind of awful in itself, not sure why MLB went so cheap on making these custom for their teams, you would think they'd add a little more effort into them.....

I mean take a look at their patches from previous events?  They look great and have such detail!

If they could add that much detail into the World Series, All-Star, Futures, Game, and Inaugural Patches, you would think that MLB and New Era would have the sense to at least make the American Flag look decent....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Memphis Redbirds - Organ Donor Night?

Memphis Redbirds, the Triple-A Affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals wore uniforms which depicted the organs screen printed on the outside of the jersey in order to honour "Organ Donor Night."  I don't really even know what to say about this, one of the most bizarre promotional nights I've ever heard of.


Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues Review

Just completed Old World Blues, and I'd have to say that I'm pretty disappointed.  Now with these games, it all depends on your exploration that gets the most out of them, but when you're being attacked by enemies who have 100% accuracy and are a bitch to kill, it can get fairly unproductive to stray from the path as one would usually do.

The lack of ammunition was annoying too, sure they give you a ton of different guns and crap, but I'm the kind of person who prefers firearms and doesn't use energy weapons what so ever; I was pretty lost with them after my ammunition ran out.

If you're a Fallout: New Vegas completest, you might as well go for the DLC and download it, but if you're a casual gamer I'd recommend skipping this DLC because it left me feeling like I had wasted $10.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Grand Theft Auto IV Review

Grand Theft Auto IV


Now that GTA4 is completed, I thought I'd little review on what I thought about the game.  Now I know that it's a bit old, but I was a bit slow to jump on the XBOX 360 bandwagon, so I'm a little behind on some of my gaming.

I've been playing GTA ever since the Playstation 2, but never having the console for myself it was hard for me to really play the game.  However, when I did some commercial and stage work for Sony they took care of me buy giving me a PSP and a half-dozen games along with a large sum of cash, so I ended up purchasing Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories, both of which were great games in my opinion.

I'm not going to go into the story of the game, if you've played it you know it all ready so I'll save my breath. When I first put in the game I felt a little disorientated due to the many changes they did to the game, driving was VERY strange at first but the uncomfortable feeling went away soon after a few hours of driving, but luckily the game added difficulty gradually so I wasn't expected to do any crazy driving until later in the game when car chases and racing were required.  The amount of guns were limited in my opinion, and I was sort of hoping for a better way to categorize them, it felt a little clunky to change weapons mid-battle.

Not even midway through the game I noticed the flaw that irritated me most, which was the radio.  It's really fun to listen to the radio sometimes, but when it comes to having to hear a conversation on-top of it, it is almost impossible.  Such as when you receive a phone call, it's impossible to turn off the radio while the cell phone is displayed, it would be great to have the ability to shut off the radio during a phone call but that isn't a possibility.  The other flaw about the radio I discovered was the fact that you have to turn it off by holding the D-Pad Left or Right for a few seconds.  Now I'm sure that it doesn't sound that bad at first, but when you're trying to chase someone down you want that shit off quick, so having to take your thumb off of the L-Stick which steers your vehicle to get rid of the radio, it is extremely annoying; not sure why they didn't use the Back Button for this function.

All in all, I really enjoyed the game, it was a fun experience and I really liked the ability to interact with friends and having the ability to control your relationships with people.  The characters in the game were great, even those I didn't think I'd like at first such as Dwayne or Packie, but GTA always has a way to make characters unique in their own ways to make them fun to be around.

I have yet to play the two DLCs in order to complete the entire game, but The Lost and the Damned is my next game to play.

Optimus Rhyme

Now it is time to talk about my favourite music group, Optimus Rhyme.

Years ago, back when I was a freshmen in college, I got into nerdcore rap by listening to mc chris, a nerdcore rapper who is usually brought up in the conversation when the genre is talked about.  After listening to him for a while I started to research the genre and discover other similar groups who operated in nerdcore rap or hip hop, one of the bands I discovered was Optimus Rhyme.

Optimus Rhyme is unusual for being a hip-hop and rap group, unlike most who have a rapper and someone on the synthesizer, OR has a full band with a lead singer, and they put down some of the best lyrics and beats I have come across.

This shit has changed my life.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rocko's Modern Life DVD revisited

All right, so I didn't have a life for the past few days and watched this DVD non-fuckin' stop.  I love it, both discs, they sleep in bed with me.


Please buy the DVD guys, you have to support Nickelodeon in order to get Season 2 released on DVD!

So yeah, when I purchased this DVD the lady at the counter at Best Buy said, "I tried watching this again, but I just didn't like it."  I felt sorry for that poor girl, because she then said that DOUG was better than this.  Fuck that girl, Rocko kicks ass and more people will remember this show than Zach Galifinakis when he's dead.

As for a favourite episode?  Not sure if I exactly have one, but I have always loved the episode where Filbert is having his Bachelor Party and they have the party in a stationary airplane, and well Heff eats all of the ice cream.....

The show is highly recommended, and PLEASE BUY IT.

GameStop Purchase - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

All right, so I finally bought The Force Unleashed for the XBOX 360.  I actually owned two copies of this game once before, one on the PS2 which I sold back to Wal-Mart and one copy on the Wii which I still own.  From my understanding, three versions of this game exist, one being the 360/PS3 version and the other being the PS2/Wii verson, along with the Nintendo DS game.

I got the copies of the games originally for free as a gift from Lucasfilm for doing some commercial or stage show for them, I forget which, but that was prior to me ever owning the PS3 or the Wii, so my two free copies (why 2, I don't know) ended up to be the crappiest ones, guaranteed.

Now that I finally spent some hard earned $9.72 on the game, it is now time for me to give this game a shot.  The Wii version was all right for what it was, and it actually has different levels; guess we have to buy two versions of the game to get the full stories.  I will chime in again after I get started and complete the game, and give my insight on how it was.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bacon-Fried Lizard

So living in Las Vegas I am used to 120ºF summers every year, but this lizard apparently was not prepared for it.

Found him on the sidewalk this afternoon.  Farewell sweet prince.

Blade Runner - My Comparison and Review

Blade Runner – 1982 Theatrical Cut
December 29th 2007, that was the first time I had ever seen the original theatrical version of the movie.  In the past, I had only seen the Director's Cut, and watching that version, I never knew if I really liked the movie or not.
Seeing the Theatrical cut really made me understand the movie more, and I really enjoyed it.  The narration by Harrison Ford really gave the movie character, and with the few words that Harrison said throughout the movie, the monologues explained certain parts of the story that I had never before noticed.
When I first put in the movie, I was happy to see there was a feature that included a short introduction by Director Ridley Scott, in this introduction, he pretty much expresses his distaste for the original version.  However, he is extremely polite in the way he goes about it, saying, "However this is not my preferred version of the film, and I know the original theatrical cut has its fans, thank you and I hope you enjoy it."
Starting the movie, it looked just the same as I had always seen it, I didn't notice any difference until I heard the first narration when Deckard was in China Town speaking his first narration, calling himself a "hired killer."  Next is when Gaff shows up, without that monologue, I would have never known his name.  The same goes with the Police Chief Brian, the narration gave me a little more insight on how Harrison viewed him.
The next part that really explained another aspect to the film to me was the monologue in which Deckard and Gaff enter the apartment that was mentioned by the replicant, Leon, at the beginning of the film.  This also paved way for the explanation of the photographs that Deckard pulls from the drawer, also for when Roy asks Leon about his "precious" photos, I just can't see why this would be cut out of the film.
Much of the movie from then on seems untouched, such as the meeting with the replicants Zhora and Leon, also Rachel going back to Deckard's apartment.  The only difference was the lack of there being the unicorn dream sequence hinting that Deckard might be a replicant.
After then, this is another dry area where the movie remained untouched.  This is when I noticed a few mistakes in the movie.  Such as the police vehicle being flown around that was being supported by a few cables.  Also when Deckard was in the dilapidated building that Sebastian lived, you can see the film crew follow in the shadows on occasion.
The ending is the part I really enjoyed; I really enjoyed having Deckard explain why he thought Roy had saved him.  This part had always confused be with the newer versions, I never really knew why Roy would save the man who had been hunting him.  Finally I really enjoyed the happy ending with Rick Deckard and Rachel driving out in the countryside, and learning that Rachael did not have an expiration date.  Seeing this ending, I still think I like the original questionable ending as seen in the Director's and Final Cut, with it being such a dark movie, it was so odd so see the bright shining sun at the end.

Blade Runner – 1982 International Cut
Right after seeing the 1982 Theatrical Cut for the first time, I started to watch the International Cut right away.  From the sound of it, I didn't know what to expect.  "International Cut," what to think?  The most I could have thought was that the film would have been in French or something along those lines.  I started the movie again with watching the Ridley Scott Introduction.  He then basically said that there were a few scenes of violence, and that he hoped that we enjoy the film.
I honestly don't know why they wasted DVD space on adding this cut, there was a total of about 10 seconds of additional scenes anyway, and I just didn't see the purpose of making an entirely new version just to put on a DVD.  I'm guessing that the extra scenes were added because nations such as Canada could play them in films and still keep a lower rating, they weren't at all that bloody or violent though.  The bloodiest scenes were still in the original cut with Zhora and Pris being shot multiple times, so it seems that if an innocent person gets their eyes crushes, that scene is dubbed to be too violent for American viewers, but if there is a "bad" woman who just punched Harrison Ford 3 times in the head get's shot, that served her right.
If I were to have a friend over who has never seen Blade Runner in the past, I would definitely choose the International Cut over the other three versions of the film.  That is unless the person was to have any objection to any gory violence.
After seeing this, I believe it was my favourite version of the film.  There really wasn't much difference at all to it besides the fact that there were a few additional scenes of violence in the film.  The scenes of "violence" consisted of Mr. Tyrell having his eyes crushed by the hands of Roy, Deckard being let down by his nostrils by the hands of Pris, and the nail going through Roy's hand.  I really enjoyed the original Theatrical Cut, but these few extra scenes were just cool, they didn't add much to the film, but you see a little bit more blood and I personally believe this is the way the film was meant to be seen.

Blade Runner – 1992 Director's Cut
This is the first version of Blade Runner that I ever saw.  This version left me quite confused as a whole about the entire movie, it left a lot of open spots and I had to have had explained to me by other people who have seen the original Theatrical Cut.  After seeing the movie for the first time after it being recommended several times by my friend Tracy, I decided to finally download it and watch it.  When it was done, I liked the concept of it, but it just left me with an empty feeling inside.  This time, I watched it with the Ridley Scott introduction, he once again said that this wasn't his preferred version of the film, and once again recommends his "Final Cut."  The reason he did this cut was to get the film to his original vision of it, I really appreciate him attempting to complete it; I know he didn't want to leave it "incomplete" in his heart.
The Director's Cut is a good film; however it had a lot of quiet areas in it.  Mainly where the Harrison Ford's narration was removed, but they did an extremely good job at cleaning it up so you didn't even notice that they were missing.
What I didn't quite understand was the addition of the idea that Rick Deckard was himself a replicant.  They clues given were the Unicorn dream sequence added as he slept at the piano surrounded by pictures of family he didn't seem to have.  Those clues I never picked up on, that just confused the hell out of me.  The reason I now understand what was attempted is only because it was explained to me by others and by researching on the internet.
The one thing I really enjoyed and preferred between this version and the original Theatrical Cut was the new ending.  The questionable "does she live or does she die?" ending just felt like it was the better route to go with the outlook of the movie.  The old happy ending was okay, but I felt that the sun and a blue sky didn't belong in the film.
Overall, I would have preferred that this cut have not been made, I just don't like it at all when I compare it to the 1982 versions of the film.  The only part I did like was the ending, however the rest just felt like it was a ball rolling through a maze without a true path.  There were so many ways to go, and none of them seemed to be right, none seemed to be wrong, it was all the opinion of the viewer.

Blade Runner – 2007 The Final Cut
This is the 25th Anniversary version of the Blade Runner, and according to director Ridley Scott, this is his favourite version of the film.  The reason he redid the films was so that he could have the film as close as he possibly could to his original vision of the movie.  The film looks great, it was digitally enhanced and the soundtrack was mixed and was taken from the original.
Starting out the film you see the same view of Los Angeles in 2019, but the landscape looks absolutely beautiful.  Beautiful in the "used" sense, I really love seeing this opening.  Everything looks so real, it's fantastic.  The first thing I noticed was that they changed Roy's eye a little bit as you see flames burst into the air.  Another thing I noticed was that they changed the colour of the lighting on the Tyrell buildings.  Instead of the fluorescent white lights, they are now shown in a blue; blue light windows are not unusual on modern buildings however, it all depends on the window tinting.  Window tinting like that however is not entirely natural to Southern California high-rises.
Watching this version really reminds me of the Director's Cut.  I feel like I'm watching it but in an enhanced picture and sound.  Personally I don't entirely care for enhanced picture and video, I don't notice unless there are examples of both directly next to each other.  The differences between this version and the Director's Cut are few.  The big noticeable differences are that the extra scenes from the 1982 International Cut were added.
Along with the Director's Cut, I don't see a real reason to have had this version made.  I was really excited to hear "The Final Cut" of the Blade Runner being released.  However I feel that Ridley Scott still won't be entirely happy with this version of the film and will want to once again fix the movie again and again.  This version of the movie, I see entirely useless, and that the only thing it has going for it was that it was digitally enhanced.  Instead, I wish they would have digitally enhanced the original 1982 Theatrical Cut, but that would take away the fact that it was "original."
My ideal version of the "Final Cut" would be the 1982 International Cut with the new Director's Cut ending that was digitally enhanced.  Unfortunately, this version will never be made and I may have to do it myself by ripping the DVDs and splicing together all of the piece and parts I want.  However I'm too lazy for that, I would really love to, but that would take too long and would be too much for work a simple film that no one else would really appreciate.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Rocko's Modern Life, ON DVD?!

So the other day I'm walking through Best Buy and what the fuck do I see in front of me.........


Seriously one of the best purchases that I have made this year.  I love this show and have been waiting for an official release since DVDs were invented, and finally this day is upon us.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New California Republic Veteran Ranger Costume

So I haven't built a costume in about 4 years, so I decided to bust something new out for San Diego Comic Con 2011.  It took me about 3 months of straight construction, but I completed my NCR Veteran Ranger outfit from Fallout: New Vegas.

The helmet was scratch built out of styrene and sintra, the armour was made out of high impact foam which was formed to my body and adhered to a foam vest.  The pants are just straight jeans with a boot cut, and the boots are some flat toed Wranglers.  The belts and duster were all home made using leather and duck cloth, and the flag was constructed by taking two California Flags and connecting them by chopping one up.

2011 AZ Diamondbacks

So as it stands today, the Arizona Diamondbacks have taken the lead in the National League West.  The Arizona Diamondbacks take the lead with a 6-3 win over the Houston Astros as the San Francisco Giants lose 9-2 against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Can we win this?  Fuck yes.

Let's go dbacks!

2011 Stars and Stripes Collection

With the MLB and New Era doing Stars and Stripes every year, it's always a wonder "What will they look like this year?"  Here's your answer, the same last years, but just a little different.  Now I know that the money goes to Welcome Back Veterans and all, but there comes a time where I just have to say "That looks like shit, why would I buy that."

I did however fall victim to purchasing the 2009 cap for the Arizona Diamondbacks, that cap actually doesn't look that bad with the Diamondbacks logo and colour scheme, but the last two years I can't even shake my 4 inch stick at.
Traditional Dbacks New Era vs. Stars and Stripes Dbacks New Era

This year however, I think they just look awful.

The good:
Los Angeles Angels
--Simple and works well for the design, plus it matches the original Angels uniforms.
Seattle Mariners
--Look at how awesome that looks, the stitching is fantastic and works well with Seattle's traditional uniforms.

Philadelphia Phillies
--fuckin awesome

The Bad:
Atlanta Braves
--Now look at this, can you really even tell that it is an "A"?
 St. Louis Cardinals
--Who cares if it matches?  Wtf is that shit on the front?

Chicago White Sox
--The letter "S" with a growth below it.  Advert your eyes children!


The Ugly:
Toronto Blue Jays

Florida Marlins
--Oh come on.  That fish looks fuckin diseased, they didn't even add a Stars and Stripes design to it, just did a red, white, and blue colour scheme.  They should have just done a Chief Wahoo-esque design as the Indians had in 2008, instead this disaster hit the field in 2011.

Detroit Tigers
--All that "thing" on the front reminds me of is the weapon Worf from fuckin Star Trek: Generations.

Coup de Graçe
Mobile BayBears
--My favourite of all of the ugly caps......  A diseased bear.

Mobile BayBears New Era

Okay, so I've been holding off on purchasing a Mobile BayBears hat for a long time now, and someone finally offers me to buy one for.... get this.... $40 plus shipping.  Hell no, that's what I think about that, you know what I do next?  I go to the BayBears' store and buy their hat for $23+shipping on their own store.  I would feel really strange about buying a used hat to begin with, so the moral of the story is that if you want to get something, just fuckin buy it, but don't buy used clothes because that's probably gross.

2011 MLB All-Star Game

So with the 2011 All-Star Game in Phoenix, AZ, I made the decision to go for it and splurged the money on some tickets.  The Diamondbacks probably wouldn't host the game for another ±30 years, I figured I might as well just go for it.... so I ended up to go to the game with my dad and we had a great time.

Driving to Arizona is always a neat experience.  To me, Arizona is one of the most unique places in the United States, and most likely one of the most unique places in the world to visit due to it's scenery and people within it.  When driving to Arizona I always make sure to stop in a little town called Wikieup and stop at the Wikieup Trading Post for lunch, dinner, or any meal of the day.  The Wikieup Trading Post is known for it's fried rattlesnake that they sell, something you've got to try if you have never had it before.  It basically tastes like chicken but with a rubbery texture, awesome meal.  My only complaint about it is that there isn't enough meat on it, well it is a snake so you shouldn't expect too much going on.

So in Phoenix for the All-Star Game, and any time I visit Phoenix, I stay in a little unknown hotel that's right near downtown, the Budget Lodge Phoenix.  It's a great little hotel, pretty cheap too and it's located right near downtown; clean rooms, great price, great location.

So now getting onto the series of events..... Sunday kicked it all off with the Futures Game.  The Futures Game is basically some of the most highly thought of prospects in Minor League Baseball, and the Futures from the USA play against the Futures of the WORLD team.  The Diamondbacks had two representatives, Pitcher Tyler Skaggs and 1st Baseman Paul Goldschmidt; each of whom started the game.  The USA ended up to win the Futures Game with a very nice come from behind by tacking on 3 runs in the bottom of the 8th inning, they won by a score of 6-4, gotta root for the good ol' USA.

Monday came the Home Run Derby, in it were 8 participants:

Robinson Cano
Adrian Gonzalez
David Ortiz
Prince Fielder
Matt Holliday
Jose Bautista
Rickie Weeks
Matt Kemp

...who finished in that order.  The entire time I was all for Robinson Cano, he was crushing the ball left and right, hit some of the farthest home runs I've ever seen at Chase Field before.  The runner up was Adrian Gonzalez, thankfully he lost since I honestly don't believe he should have been at the All-Star Game anyway.  During the whole Arizona immigration law, Adrian announced he was going to boycott the 2011 All-Star Game simply because it was in Phoenix, and spoke out about it often.  Come 1 year later, he not only showed up to the game, he also participated in the Home Run Derby.

Tuesday came the actual All-Star Game, and the defending Champion National League team attempted to make it two wins in a row for the first time in more than a decade.  The American League came out swinging first with a Splash Blast by Adrian Gonzalez to put the American League up 1-0, but immediately following was a 3-run shot by the National League's own Prince Fielder, which put the NL up 3-1.  The Nationals never looked back from there, and went on to take the game 5-1.
Would I go back to the All-Star Game?  Well since it was in Arizona, that's what made the event really special to me.  Other than that, if I were to go to more All-Star events I'd probably just stick to the Futures Game.  Something about seeing the prospects made it really fun for me, probably because I was born in a Minor League Baseball town and see the Las Vegas 51s play all of the time, but any of the events would definitely be something not to miss if you have the opportunity to go.