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Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011 MLB All-Star Game

So with the 2011 All-Star Game in Phoenix, AZ, I made the decision to go for it and splurged the money on some tickets.  The Diamondbacks probably wouldn't host the game for another ±30 years, I figured I might as well just go for it.... so I ended up to go to the game with my dad and we had a great time.

Driving to Arizona is always a neat experience.  To me, Arizona is one of the most unique places in the United States, and most likely one of the most unique places in the world to visit due to it's scenery and people within it.  When driving to Arizona I always make sure to stop in a little town called Wikieup and stop at the Wikieup Trading Post for lunch, dinner, or any meal of the day.  The Wikieup Trading Post is known for it's fried rattlesnake that they sell, something you've got to try if you have never had it before.  It basically tastes like chicken but with a rubbery texture, awesome meal.  My only complaint about it is that there isn't enough meat on it, well it is a snake so you shouldn't expect too much going on.

So in Phoenix for the All-Star Game, and any time I visit Phoenix, I stay in a little unknown hotel that's right near downtown, the Budget Lodge Phoenix.  It's a great little hotel, pretty cheap too and it's located right near downtown; clean rooms, great price, great location.

So now getting onto the series of events..... Sunday kicked it all off with the Futures Game.  The Futures Game is basically some of the most highly thought of prospects in Minor League Baseball, and the Futures from the USA play against the Futures of the WORLD team.  The Diamondbacks had two representatives, Pitcher Tyler Skaggs and 1st Baseman Paul Goldschmidt; each of whom started the game.  The USA ended up to win the Futures Game with a very nice come from behind by tacking on 3 runs in the bottom of the 8th inning, they won by a score of 6-4, gotta root for the good ol' USA.

Monday came the Home Run Derby, in it were 8 participants:

Robinson Cano
Adrian Gonzalez
David Ortiz
Prince Fielder
Matt Holliday
Jose Bautista
Rickie Weeks
Matt Kemp

...who finished in that order.  The entire time I was all for Robinson Cano, he was crushing the ball left and right, hit some of the farthest home runs I've ever seen at Chase Field before.  The runner up was Adrian Gonzalez, thankfully he lost since I honestly don't believe he should have been at the All-Star Game anyway.  During the whole Arizona immigration law, Adrian announced he was going to boycott the 2011 All-Star Game simply because it was in Phoenix, and spoke out about it often.  Come 1 year later, he not only showed up to the game, he also participated in the Home Run Derby.

Tuesday came the actual All-Star Game, and the defending Champion National League team attempted to make it two wins in a row for the first time in more than a decade.  The American League came out swinging first with a Splash Blast by Adrian Gonzalez to put the American League up 1-0, but immediately following was a 3-run shot by the National League's own Prince Fielder, which put the NL up 3-1.  The Nationals never looked back from there, and went on to take the game 5-1.
Would I go back to the All-Star Game?  Well since it was in Arizona, that's what made the event really special to me.  Other than that, if I were to go to more All-Star events I'd probably just stick to the Futures Game.  Something about seeing the prospects made it really fun for me, probably because I was born in a Minor League Baseball town and see the Las Vegas 51s play all of the time, but any of the events would definitely be something not to miss if you have the opportunity to go.

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