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Friday, August 19, 2011

1984 Movie Review

Ninteen-Eighty Four

Just got done watching the film adaptation of George Orwell's novel 1984.  For not having read the novel since high school, watching the movie was very refreshing, back in high school I loved the book and I always regretted not buying the copy for myself.  The film is and novel are huge mindfucks and force you to question what is and what isn't reality.  I thought the film was done extremely well, although it seems a little outdated and might be a little too slow for modern audiences.  I think my favourite part of the film was the soundtrack, I'm not sure what about it was so attractive to me, but I couldn't take my attention away from the film the entire time.

I'd highly recommend reading the novel if you can, once you do that you can go ahead and watch the film.  Since the novel is yet to be Public Domain (9 more years for the UK, 33 for USA), you can pick up the Novel on


  1. Wasn't a fan of the movie to be honest, but the book is sensational as I find all Orwell's work to be :D Cheers for the post mate!

  2. I can see how you can say that the movie wasn't the best. I didn't like how the dialogue would change in tone so often, it was hard to listen to; especially with a girlfriend who was obviously bored to death over it.

  3. The book is amazing, one of my favourite books, of all time :D Will watch thie film! thanks for the heads up :D