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Monday, August 15, 2011

Optimus Rhyme

Now it is time to talk about my favourite music group, Optimus Rhyme.

Years ago, back when I was a freshmen in college, I got into nerdcore rap by listening to mc chris, a nerdcore rapper who is usually brought up in the conversation when the genre is talked about.  After listening to him for a while I started to research the genre and discover other similar groups who operated in nerdcore rap or hip hop, one of the bands I discovered was Optimus Rhyme.

Optimus Rhyme is unusual for being a hip-hop and rap group, unlike most who have a rapper and someone on the synthesizer, OR has a full band with a lead singer, and they put down some of the best lyrics and beats I have come across.

This shit has changed my life.


  1. Nerdcore makes my mood everytime i listen to it. Optimus Rhyme is the best at it.

  2. Always wanted to know waht nerd core was. Informative.